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So I still haven’t solved the mystery of embedding links. If someone is out there reading this lonely blog and you know how to embed links into posts {without having to be redirected to another page} in order to download something – can you please, pretty please, leave a comment and help me out? I’d certainly appreciate it.

I did, however, discover that Google Docs allows you to upload stuff and provide a link to that stuff. So instead of using 5,000 different sites – I am using Google Docs until I can solve the mystery. I wanted to share this cute little Literacy Center that I created last year for my Language Arts class. It can be used as a center or just as an activity – either way, I like it. I just took a mini Pringles can [which of course gave me the opportunity to scarf down an entire mini can of Cheddar Cheese Pringles in one sitting – and record timing] and hot-glued the custom label that I made for it. Below is a picture of it and here is the download. You will need some letter tiles and you’ll need to create some index cards that the students will use to create their words. Just print out the endings that I’ve included in the download, cut them out and glue them onto separate index cards. Students will then just pour (or choose) letters from the Pringles can, place the letters (one at a time, of course) onto the blank space on the card and determine whether or not the created word is nonsense or real. If it’s real, they will simply write the word on their worksheet. Clear as mud, right?

Need more word families? I’d be glad to create them for you – Just leave me a comment.


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