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Finally! After a long, frustrating afternoon of editing code to make my blog look the way I wanted it to look, it’s ready! I am a former WordPress user, officially transitioned to Blogger for a variety of reasons. Mostly just because I think it’s easier to navigate through and because there are so many teacher blogs on blogger, I want to be able to follow them from my blog on Blogger.

A little background about me – I’m a Graphic Designer turned teacher {almost} and I start student teaching in about 2 months. I love, love, love teaching and I love being a part of the teaching blog world. I love all of the ideas and inspiration that I get from discovering new blogs and I want to give back {as much as I can} to other teachers that might be searching for something I’ve come up with!

Enough about me …[Take a peek at my Profile for  more info]… Moving on….

To celebrate my newly created blog – I wanted to share the M&M lesson I taught last week to my first graders. {I have part-time responsibilities this semester once a week in the same class this semester, with a full week of responsibility coming up in about a week.} So, I do get to use some of the stuff that I tinker around with in a real classroom.

My firsties were working on some graphing, sorting and continued work on simple addition problems, so I thought some M&M graphing would be in order. I have seen these graphs before using M&M’s – but I created some additional worksheets and did my own take on it. So, to download the 3 page activity PDF, click here.

I am using Scribd to post my downloadable files, because apparently, there isn’t a way to embed PDF’s [or any other file type] into posts. I bet there’s a way, though – and I’m bound and determined to discover it. But until I do, Scribd will have to suffice.

Thanks for taking a peek at my new blog! I am so excited to get it going. I will be posting some older stuff that I had on my WordPress blog so that everything teaching-related is in one place.

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