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I am so very thankful that I live in a city that has a used bookstore that’s actually worth going to – it’s called 2nd & Charles. I visit ALL the time and I think about 85% of my children’s book collection has come from that store. I visited today and then realized when I came home that I haven’t stamped my newer books in a while. I bought a stamp from Vista Print for next to nothing – and I custom designed it. Definitely check out Vista Print and if you live in the Birmingham area and you haven’t been to 2nd & Charles – get over there STAT! I got some cute books over the weekend and had myself a little stamping party. Here are some pics of my little stamp:

Then of course, I have to share this, simply because it’s so awesome that I am the main character in this story! I can’t wait to use this in my classroom. I need to find a place that will print books using custom named main characters. Having YOU be the main character in the story you’re reading is a warm fuzzy moment. Love it!

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