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This is my first attempt at participating in a linky party and I couldn’t be more excited about it! I love the idea of these linky parties and being able to get some fantastic ideas on the same subject from lots and lots of different sources. Too fun and too cool. Whomever came up with this idea of the linky party gets an A+ in my book!

So – with that said, bear with me and let me know if my etiquette is off. I apologize in advance for being so technologically challenged! 
Ahhh – Thanksgiving. What’s not to like? Usually, T-Day involves eating, family visiting, more eating, napping, and is generally a day filled with comfort, love and, of course, thankfulness. But now that I’m in teacher mode – Thanksgiving has an entirely new meaning! Turkey crafts, turkey glyphs, turkey bar graphs, the history of the turkey {more specifically, of Thanksgiving Day itself}, writing prompts about the things we’re thankful for – and possibly my favorite – TURKEY STORIES! I am obsessed with children’s literature and could LIVE in Barnes and Noble. Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve come across over the last year as I journeyed through the many classrooms that I have observed and student taught in:

1. ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving, Dav Pilkey

Without giving too much away, the story is about some sneaky schoolchildren that visit a turkey farm only to discover Old Mac Nugget’s plan to eat the turkeys for Thanksgiving! I really like the illustrations in this book and it’s just a cute story that’s lighthearted and fun for Turkey Week.

2. The Littlest Pilgrim, Brandy Dougherty 

Poor little Mini! She wants to help so much with all of the chores around the house, but she’s just too little! I enjoy this story not just because it’s cute, but also because there are some references to early American life and could easily be used to tie in some history for smaller children. I read this with a first grade class last fall and after we read it, we did a “little” writing activity. My little firsties finished this writing prompt: “I’m a little helper! At home, I help with ___________________”. They drew a little boy or girl pilgrim at the top of their writing prompt pages, too. 
3. Turkey Trouble, Wendy Silvano
Hee hee!! This one’s just too funny. This little turkey tries to disguise himself as something else – anything else – because he knows Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I just love funny stories and this is one of those that is hilarious to me – and to the kiddos I read it to last fall.
4. If You Were at the First Thanksgiving, Anne Kamma
This is an informative book that’s set up in question/answer format that just describes the life of these early Americans. While Thanksgiving provides for a great opportunity for craftiness and cuteness, as a teacher, it’s also extremely important to relay the significance of Thanksgiving and to provide students with its historical background. This book is from a child’s perspective and gives readers a sense of what it was like during this time. Scholastic does a great job of putting informative books out about important historical topics such as Thanksgiving, and this is one of them.

Those are a few of my faves! Hope you find them helpful! Click here to go back to the host blog of this linky party.

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