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Here is a useless, non-educational Christmas survey that I stole from Kristin over at A Teeny Tiny Teacher. I figured since I really don’t have anything blog-worthy educationally-related to post {since I am- first, not yet a teacher and second, too lazy to come up with some lesson plans and/or activities during my Christmas break} – I figured why not post a bunch of fun, random information about none other than yours truly! After all, there really isn’t a better way to spend Christmas break than reading random strangers’ randomness.

But seriously, I love these little surveys and am happy to participate! Real quick, the original survey only had 24 questions, but Christmas is on the 25th – and I am so anal retentive I just felt like it needed a 25th question. So I added it.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags?
Both. Depends on the gift. If it’s a crazy, oblong, octagon shape – I don’t even attempt to wrap it. I look at it once and if I think “How the heck am I gonna wrap you up!?” – I say to it, “You, sir, are going in a bag.” And that’s the end of it.

2. Real tree or artificial? 

Psshh. This shouldn’t even be a question. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. REAL.

3. When do you put up the {REAL} tree? 

Always on December 1. My husband, our “baby” Layla and I always go pick one out on the first day of the only acceptable month where Christmas decorations should be allowed by law to be put on display. Anywhere.

4. When do you take down the tree? 

New Year’s Day.

5. Do you like eggnog? 

This is like asking me if I like to breathe. Yes, I like to breathe and I yes I like eggnog. ANNNDD – Yogurt Mountain currently has eggnog yogurt. EGGNOG YOGURT!!! DID YOU HEAR ME?! E.G.G.N.O.G. Y.O.G.U.R.T. I SAY!! And, I work there {part-time, on the weekends, sometimes. And I work full time as a Graphic Designer AND I’m in grad school. AND I start student teaching in January. But I won’t have my Graphic Design job anymore then} which is very good for me since I love this concoction so much. It tastes just like the real thing. I definitely eat my paycheck’s worth of eggnog yogurt when I work. I’m surprised I still work there. Actually, now that I think about it – I haven’t been on the schedule here recently. Huh!
Click here to find the location nearest you.

6. Favorite gift received as a child? 

Ah, yes. I remember vividly. I got this superb, killer-amazing life-size doll house. Of course, at the time, I thought it was from Santa. I found out later {like, last year later} that my dad built the thing himself and glued all those dang shingles on the roof by his lonesome. And there were A LOT of shingles on that roof. I wish I still had it. Or even a picture of it. Man.

7. Do you have a nativity scene? 

Ok, well here’s the story. Yes, I have one. But poor Joseph is missing his head. And so is Mary. I have glued those dern heads on so many times – but they just fall off. THE HEADS OF MARY AND JOSEPH JUST ROLL OFF! Geez, I know that’s terrible.
I KNOW. And I just can’t bring myself to throw the set away. It would just feel wrong. So while I do have one, I do not display it for fear that Mary & Joseph will be beheaded, unbeknownst to me, leaving my holiday guests perplexed as to why I have a nativity scene with headless characters. It also might frighten the children. Not that we have children or that any come to our home during the holidays.

8. Hardest person to buy for? 

Dad, husband, step-dad, father-in-laws. {Yes, I have two. Mr. Brown’s mom and dad are both divorced and re-married, for all intents and purposes. So I have two.} These men are the most easy-going men I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. I could give them each a pine cone and they’d love it. But that just makes it even more difficult!!!

9. Easiest person to buy for? 

Myself. Let’s be honest.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? 

First of all, I had no idea that emailing Christmas cards was acceptable. Had I known this, perhaps I would have thought twice about torturing my animal. Stamps are expensive!!!

Just kidding, I wouldn’t – or couldn’t – do that. We always take a picture of our “baby” and plaster it on a Christmas card background from I think they are hilarious, but I have a hunch Miss Layla doesn’t feel the same way.

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? 

I refuse to answer this. I might never get anything again if I do! I think definitely Sarah from Waiting on the Butterflies wins the award for worst Christmas gift received. Of any person in history. Ever. Tee-hee!

12. Favorite Christmas movie? 

A Christmas Story. There is no debating this. It IS the best Christmas movie.

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? 

I try to look for things throughout the year. But typically, I start on December 15th.

14. Ever recycle a present? 


15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? 

My momma’s Breakfast Casserole. Too bad I’ll have to make it myself since Mr. Brown and I are staying home this year. Kinda sad. But not really. It’s so hectic trying to go back to Louisville for the holidays! We have 52,000 houses to hit up. It’s really stressful. I love my family, but this year – I’m staying put.

16. Clear or colored lights on a tree? 

Oooh boy. This should stir up the crazies. White lights are the only acceptable lights under any Christmas circumstance. Colored lights, inflatable lawn “ornaments”, robotic deer, Christmas ferris wheels, over-sized Christmas count-down clocks, lighted penguins, lighted igloos, and giant “retro” colored lights are just not flattering on any shape house or structure. Sorry if I offend, but I love the simplistic elegance of maybe a few wreaths with classy red bows, maybe a little garland, and maybe a spotlight or two. Geez, I’m awfully opinionated! Here is an example of an unacceptably decorated house {in my current viewing vicinity}:

17. Favorite Christmas song? 

Mele Kalikimaka. Yep, I had to Google the spelling.

18. Travel or stay at home for Christmas? 

Please see the answer to question 15.

19. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? 

Yes. There are 9, including the one with the red nose. But I can’t list them, because the next person to do this survey will be able to name them on account of my answer.

20. Angel or star on top of the tree? 

Neither. A big, “classy” red bow.

21. Open the presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? 

Christmas morning, of course!

22. Most annoying thing about this time of year? 



23. Favorite ornament, theme or color?
**WARNING. THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION IS RATED PG-13, teetering on the verge of an R-rating due its subject matter. 
A good portion of our ornaments are Mr. Brown’s from when he was growing up. By far – our favorite is this ridiculous pickle ornament that he has had since he was very little. A PICKLE ORNAMENT. The thing has to be at least 20 years old and it is without a doubt the most hideous Christmas ornament known to man kind. I don’t know why he has this ornament, but it has become one of the things I look forward to the most – simply because it is truly hysterical. And pointless. And hideous. It looks like something phallic really gross. Sorry, but it does! LOOK:

24. What do you want for Christmas?
I would love to have my Barnes and Noble Wishlist fulfilled. It’s really not for me, it’s for my classroom. You know – the one I don’t even have yet. That one. But it would be nice to have all of those books going into student teaching. Or maybe just before I graduate. Just for fun, you can see my Wishlist here.

25. Do you try to guess your gifts before you open them? 

This is the question that I added since I wanted there to be 25 questions in this survey. I also added it because I have a friend that drives me BONKERS by trying to figure out what she – and anyone else around her – has gotten for Christmas BEFORE it’s time to know. She sniffs, shakes, and investigates until she solves the mystery. I just don’t do that! It takes all the fun out of it! I mean, I’m almost 30 years old. THIS is one of the things I still have left. And until I have children, it will be the most exciting part of Christmas for me!

Hope you enjoyed my holiday ranting randomness.

M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S !

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