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Just doing some late night, creeper stalking of the blog world and I am majorly hitting the jackpot! Wowzas! And um – HELLO? Hi. I love this Sqworl thing. I don’t really know what it was invented for or if I’m using it correctly, but I like being able to have an organized list (love lists, especially organized ones) of grade-specific blogs. I mean, I know there’s Pinterest and blogrolls and such, but Pinterest gets way out of control – very rapidly {I mean one minute I’m looking for 3rd grade math activities and the next minute, I’m plotting my next glittery St. Patrick’s day door decoration} and blogrolls can only be so long. Anyway, it is now 11:21pm, exactly 2 hours and 21 minutes past my bedtime and I absolutely have to go to bed if I have any prayer of getting to work on time tomorrow {fully showered and ready to go}.

3rd grade teachers – check this out. Click here.

This is my little Sqworl. But this one has lots more blogs because Abby from one of the blogs I stalked tonight I found through my educational research tonight has been doing her fair share of blog stalking educational research, too! I love blog-stalking. It means that we all have so much love for one another through cyber space. And I love that!

So check out Sqworl and some of the fantastic 3rd grade blogs I am now keeping up with. I plan to do a lot more blog stalking and posting new groups of various grade levels and whatnot very soon. I am having so much fun blogging and stalking and finding so much cute stuff! I absolutely CANNOT wait until I start student teaching. I will have so many goodies to share! Just can’t wait.

And goodnight!

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