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We’re still trucking right along with our expository writing unit and the kids went BONKERS over the “How to Make  Your Teacher Angry” writing prompt last week. LOVED IT!! They had the cutest stories after we finished.

In the classroom that I’ve been blessed with for my student teaching (LOVE my students and LOVE my teacher – seriously could not ask for a better situation to be in) – we alternate grammar and writing each week. This week is grammar, which means next week will be our writing week. Valentine’s week! Too perfect. We are going to continue procedural writing with a little Valentine’s FUN. We’re going to learn how to make easy, peasy microwavable fudge! I’ve got a little ‘ole writing activity set up for them and if you’re still wondering what the heck you’re going to do for Love Day with your buddies, head over to my TpT shop or my Teacher’s Notebook shop where you can download yourself some yummy fun for the low, low price of $1.50. Yep! Here’s a little peek:

What are you doing in your classroom for Valentine’s Day?

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