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My kiddos are getting ready to embark on an exciting Civil War adventure. I am actually going to be teaching them about important historical sites within Alabama and will ultimately be talking about how the Confederacy really started in Montgomery, but I have to give them an overview of the war first. Otherwise, they’ll be clueless as to why Montgomery is historically significant with regard to the Civil War. Have you heard of Prezi? It’s basically an online presentation hub that you can use to create all kinds of different stuff. I have my resume on there and now I have this really neat presentation about the Civil War. I think Prezi is a fantastic resource to use in the classroom to give presentations that kick that will actually make students WANT to watch them. Eat your heart out, PowerPoint! It’s Prezi time. Here is my Civil War Prezi. PLEASE feel free to use this for anything! It took FOREVER to make, so I would be honored and thrilled to have other people get some use out of it. Please click here to go directly to to view this Prezi.

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