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Now that I’m actually in a classroom full-time (weeeeeee!!) and I still have UAB requirements to fulfill, I’ve decided to take a project that I created when I wasn’t in a classroom and turn it into something that I will actually do. I posted here many moons ago about an Author Study that I created, but I never got to implement it. It was just one of those hypothetical assignments that we got a hypothetical grade for. La dee da.

When I talked with my cooperating teacher about what I had to do, her first suggestion was to do the Author Study on Jeff Kinney. I was slightly hesitant, only because I may seem eerily similar to a full-fledged stalker if I post yet another activity about Mr. Kinney. However, I have decided that I don’t care if I seem that way. I love the guy. His story is incredible to me. He has seriously taken something that he did in college and turned it into this vast empire, from which I’m certain he’s made millions. I’ve also come across some interviews with him that I hadn’t seen in my previous attempt to create an Author Study on him. He’s completely down to earth and it just confirms my prior suspicions that he’s just a heck of a guy.

So, without further adieu, let me just outline and share with you what we’ll be doing in the next few weeks. The first activity is definitely teetering on the verge (if not completely crossing the line) of possessing stalker-like qualities. It’s a Jeff Kinney crossword puzzle. I wanted to talk to the kids about Mr. Kinney and how he got started, but I couldn’t figure out a fun way to assess this and make sure they paid attention while I showed them the websites and interviews. So, this is what they’ll be doing. I found a website that generates puzzles for you once you type in the clues and answers. Too cool. Unfortunately, the puzzles weren’t very “cute”, so I made it cute. Please click here to download it for free from TpT or here from Teachers Notebook {comes with the answer key, too}.

 The next thing that I discovered was this awesome website where kiddos can create their own comics. I cannot wait to get this in the works and will definitely share the comics once we complete this study. I start the unit March 5th!

Anyone have any other suggestions for an Author Study? I’d love to hear them!

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