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Hooray! It’s my first self-created web quest…Civil War style. Today was the first day of my Civil War study and I used my Prezi that I previously posted about here. I got some really good feedback from my kiddos – who actually said IT WASN’T BORING! I was thrilled and am now even MORE excited to have them do their web quest. This Civil War Study is geared more towards how it ultimately affected the South…specifically Alabama because I’m trying to tie this in to the COS Objective that deals directly with historically significant places here in good ole’ Alabama…and my kids have already learned about the Civil Rights Movement AND we’re learning about Helen Keller later. So, I’m making the Civil War fit. Hence, the free web quest {sampled for you below} for your Alabama classroom use – please click here to get it from TpT or here to get it from Teachers Notebook. I’m very excited because I’m utilizing a Sqworl page that I created to kick this internet scavenger hunt off. I just love Sqworl. I mean, I know there’s Pinterest, but I gotta say that I get WAY, WAY, WAY too distracted using Pinterest. I’m safe and focused with Sqworl, plus I think it’s more kid-friendly.

In any case, I also created a Jeopardy game that I am SO SUPER stoked about. I just used the word stoked, yes. But I am. WEEEEEE! I have no clue where I got the template from. I know it was a free download, but I can’t remember where it’s from. I wish I could remember, because whoever came up with it deserves a medal of some sort. It’s phenomenal…the best Jeopardy template I’ve ever seen in Powerpoint, for sure. Here’s a peek:

Students will also be creating brochures at the end of the week that will outline the Battle of Mobile Bay. Hopefully I’ll have some good pics to post at the end of the week.

Happy Monday!
{Ugh. Is it really only Monday!? Jeez.}

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