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I finally got my first full activity pack created and uploaded to my TpT and Teacher’s Notebook shops. Finally! It’s been a work in progress for a month now – I just could not find the time to finish it! Well, now it’s done and here’s a peek:

It’s an 18-page math and writing activity pack that will teach kiddos the basics of fractions using my favorite thing…FOOD. Lots of fun fraction stuff for kids to do in this pack. Check it out on TpT here or Teacher’s Notebook here. Both are priced the same.

How ’bout another FREEBIE? Why not?! I’m teaching my 3rdies some simile action next week and found a cute poem that I jazzed up and put together a little fun self-portrait activity using similes. It’s nothing special, just a little fun activity if you happen to be teaching similes. Here’s a pic of the poem and the activity. I will be posting my kiddos versions of their selves based on their similes next week.

The activity below will just require students to compare their appearances to different things and then once they’re finished, they will be able to create their simile-d self using construction paper and different crafty things that I’ll bring for them.

Click here to download this quick simile activity from TpT or here to download it from Teacher’s Notebook.

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