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I had an AWESOME Spring Break. I think the whole town knows I had an awesome Spring Break. I visited family, cleaned, worked out, and did ZERO school work. ZERO. Mostly because I really needed a break AND I’m basically finished with everything else. It’s very liberating and exciting to think that in just 45 days, I will officially be a teacher. Hide yo’ kids, folks. It’s a scary thought.

Coming up – I have some very FUN weeks planned ahead. Fortunately for me, my cooperating teacher is beating test prep into the kiddos heads for the next two weeks. April 9th marks the first day of ARMT testing – and I legally cannot be in the room during the test administration since I am not yet a certified teacher. So, I have been Googling, blog-stalking, and plotting my final unit – which will cover rocks and minerals – as well as some fun stress-relieving activities for the kids to do in the afternoons of test days.

Here’s my line up:
We are going to have a mini unit on solids and liquids and we’re going to roll up our sleeves and make some Oobleck and some green slime. I cannot wait. We did this in my Science class last fall and I was truly like a child – covered in that stuff. Too fun.

I also found a really cute painting activity. I thought I could use my artistic background and give a quick art history lesson and then have the kiddos paint with tempura paints. Below is a picture of the printing press type painting that I want to have them make. I found the activity on, a site that I have found extremely useful for fun stuff like this.

Learn to do Printing Press Art
Then – we’ll do my rocks and minerals unit, during which we will be doing the super-fun activity I found on Katie Smith’s blog Adventures of Miss Smith. It’s an Edible Rock activity and looks like such an awesome activity. It’s a freebie, so please go check it out! She’s got a really awesome teaching blog, too. Lots of good freebies over there.

I saved the best for last. On the last day of my internship, we have Field Day. I am so excited about this, I can’t hardly stand it. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Field Day as a kid. I lived for it. LIVED FOR IT, I SAY. I really just went to school so that I could attend Field Day at the end of the year. The egg races, tug-of-war, hoola-hooping, the see-how-fast-you-can-change-into-random-clothing race and those blue little scooter things that you wiggled back and fourth to get them to move – you know what I’m talking about:

Another thing I loved about Field Day was being able to buy our own snow cones. They had this little truck parked in the field and we could go and buy whatever we wanted from this sugar palace on wheels. Unfortunately for the kiddos now days, we have all these health-conscience nuts taking all the fun out of being a kid. My kids won’t have the snow cone option. So, we’re taking the oppotunity to learn about liquids and solids and getting a treat out of it!! I’ve seen lots of teachers make ice cream in a bag and have always been so jealous because I WANNA MAKE ICE CREAM, TOO (in a whiney voice). And that’s just what we’ll do.
That’s all I’ve got for now. Look for pics and hopefully some new ideas that I’ll think up during the next few weeks while I have this down time as my kiddos embark on their exciting journey towards standardized testing.

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