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Boo hoo. I didn’t get to play Jeopardy today because of the tornado threat. Bummer. Hopefully we’ll play Monday. But I DID get to see some of the awesome work that my 3RD GRADERS did with their Battle of Mobile Bay brochures. Check these out:

Too cool, huh? I am so proud of their work.

Next week marks the beginning of my two-week full time teaching requirement. I’m so excited! We’re doing a little study on Alabama, so I made a cute little packet full of activities and I’m offering it for free on my TpT and Teacher’s Notebook shops. Here’s a preview:

It’s 14 pages of activities – so please go download it! And leave me some feedback! I’ve noticed that I’m getting lots of people to download my stuff (which is SO GREAT!) but no one is leaving me feedback, even on my freebies. I would just really love any type of feedback!!

Hope everyone is staying safe in this C-R-A-Z-Y weather!

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