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I know I’ve been MIA – but I am working on so much exciting stuff – I just haven’t had time to blog about it! My student teaching is wrapping up this week and hopefully I’ll have the time to finish my ideas and put something together to be able to post about them. Theses ideas include, but are not limited to: my Writing Workshop, Writer’s Journal, Reading Studio and Reader’s Notebooks, Math Notebooks, Morning Meetings, Math Talks and Menus,  and my new library.

I have an online card catalog up and running! I am so excited about it. Thanks to my buddy Deanna for basically putting it together – it looks so great. I was so stressed out about trying to figure out how in the world I was going to find an online card catalog that came with a checkout system. Couldn’t find the right one for me anywhere. I mean, I LOVE Shelfari and I love Library Thing, but they don’t have a way for the kiddos to checkout the books. Delicious Library is AMAZING – but I can’t access it online. It actually has all of the features that I wanted – pictures of the book covers, descriptions of the books, a place to review them, genre categorization, and the ability to lend the books. But, since I can’t access it online, it was out. So – my buddy and I worked on a plan to design what I had in envisioned and got it going. It’s absolutely everything that I wanted. Here is a screen shot – and this is the link:

How do you keep track of your books? Do you let your kids check them out? How? What about leveling? Organization? I find that the class library has been one of those things that I have put off and now I need to get on it! It’s just so difficult to get organized but I feel like once I get it together, it will be smooth sailing from there. I’ve decided to level my books and organize them by level and then by category based on those levels.

I’d love to hear what you do in your room!

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