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I am so excited to be back on this little blog. I LOVED the idea of having my own Carnival Classroom when I was in grad school. I went nuts with buying stuff, creating fun goodies like pinwheels and coming up with fun ideas for having themed parties. And then…I got a departmentalized job teaching science! Sad face for my carnival idea. I had a great two year run with my fifth graders in Mountain Brook, Alabama. But n.o.w…. I’m finally back home. Home where I belong with my family, friends that I grew up with, and my city. Love me some Louisville, Kentucky and I still cannot believe that we actually moved back!! But here we are, back in the Ville and here I am once again gearing up for a new chapter in my life.

I snagged myself a little J-O-B teaching some sweet firsties.  A roomful of fifteen firsties starting August 13th will be my first taste of having my own classroom with my own kids and my own ideas. Don’t get me el wrong-o, I am going to miss the heck outta my fifth grade team. Love those gals. And I’m very grateful for having the experiences that I did with that sweet school. Gorsh. I’m just getting really excited about doing something a little different.

I visited my classroom for the first time yesterday. Lemme tell you something about my new cute little school. 1. It’s a Catholic school. I’m not Catholic, but they still welcomed me with open arms. Love it already! 2. It’s tee tiny. TEE. TINY. K-8 and only 200 students. Can I get an AMEN!  3. The teacher that was there before me taught for 36 years. That means there are at least 35 years worth of accumulated stuff that I have to go through and purge. I could look at this one of two ways. I could be super excited that I have so much stuff that I could potentially use — or not. OR I could be really overwhelmed at the thought of going through it. I think I might be somewhere in the middle. I wish I had taken some pics yesterday, but I didn’t get a chance because…imagine this…my phone was dead. I’ll get some before the end of the weekend and post so that you can feel sorry for me. Saying it’s a lot of stuff is somewhat of an understatement. {Or maybe just MAJORLY an understatement.} **Sigh**

I’ll say this. St. Rita better love me enough to keep me around because once I go through this stuff and make my classroom a happy place, I’m digging my heels in. I’ll be there until the cows come home. 🙂

So — here are some of my goodies that I will be applying to my room cuteness – once the purging and organizing have all been completed.



This is just a smidge of the stuff that I created. Of course, I bundled all 12 products and made it available on my TpT store. I am in LOVE with this bundle and am soooo excited to get it all printed, laminated and up on my walls in my new classroom. I will share lots of pictures later this summer once my room is in one piece.  Click the image to go check out my Carnival Classroom Decor Bundle. Be on the lookout for a huge sale on this thing once the beginning of the school year gets a little closer!

I am so glad that I never deleted this little blog of mine. I’m back and I’m home again! Here I come to start sniffing out some more great primary blogs!

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