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I have a major problem with organization. I am a very organized person, but I start out with one thing and then change it later and then change it again. Or I make something and then never use it (like the huge teacher binder that I made last year and used it….oh, NEVER.)

I’m trying to start this year off with things that will help me and things that I will actually use. So far, I have three binders. One for reading assessment data (scores, running records, etc.), one for guided reading (with group pages for writing out the groups that I meet with and sheets for taking notes) – and then a math binder with my standards checklist and a student progress tracking sheet.

I’m becoming obsessed with making binder covers. It’s reaching unhealthy levels. I just tried to take a nap and couldn’t because I kept thinking about my binders. What other binders can I make? Will I use them? Do they all need to have a matching theme? Or be very different? WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?!!?!

I am obsessing over every.single.detail. of my classroom and school day. It’s June 18th, people. JUNE 18TH and I’m already obsessing. Someone please stop me! I might need a lobotomy before the first day of school.

I’m trying to figure out WHAT in the world I am going to do with my classroom. It’s a complete disaster right now. COMPLETE. I’ve never seen such. I’m chucking so much stuff and then I start panicking. What if I need that craft book circa 1985?! What if?! I really don’t think you can understand the condition that this room is in. So, let me help you:

These were actually taken about 2 weeks ago, when I first started. It looks MUCH worse. Yes, worse. I had to take everything out and to see what I was working with. Now I’m throwing stuff away and trying to organize what I want to keep. Lots of good stuff in this stash! But lots of outdated stuff, too. I mean, that’s what happens when you teach for 36 years, right?!

My problem is this: I am obsessing over every detail. Where will the kids store their calendar binders? (Rise & Shine binders.) Where will this go? Where will that go? What in the beejeezus am I going to do with those hideous file cabinets? Lord knows I need ’em. *Sigh.*

It’s a work in progress, for sure. I’m getting up bright and early tomorrow morning with high hopes that I can get some cuteness started. I bought baskets until my teaching heart was content at Dollar Tree (LOVES) the other day and I’m in a mad, crazy woman rush to get them put to use.

Who else is already obsessing over the beginning of the year?!

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