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First – have you seen this Blog Hoppin’ photo contest? Ca-ute!! I wanna do it! So fun and fetch. {Thanks Gretchen Weiners.} Click here to check all about that cute little contest those fun gals have going on. Totes jelly that I can’t think of things like that and have lots of people participate!

My classroom is a total disaster. Di.Sas.Ter. I mean, it’s bad. I found a giant {dead} roach the size of Wisconsin yesterday. Also a used Kleenex in one of the book baskets. And {lots} of books circa 1856. I’m all about the classics, but I don’t think these kids are interested in reading about moms and their duties to stay home and be a housewife and a “good mommy” forever. {Literally. The title of the book was What are Moms Good For? and first of all, that grammar is terrible. Don’t get me started on the content.} So I donated a ton of books to Goodwill. I could never bring myself to throw a book away (unless Wisconsin roach made a home out of it or something), so off they went.

I can’t say I’m bitter or mad about this stuff being in my room. I mean, the sweetheart of a teacher that was there before I came in taught for 35 years. That’s a TON of teaching years. It’s like a million in regular people years. So, I get it. She had a lot of stuff.

I’m trying to take one thing at a time and one day at a time {whatever that means} – but my brain works like this:

Ok, I’ll just work on the library today. Wait. Where’s that paper I bought yesterday? Oh, good. I’ll cut that. Yes. I like this banner. I’ll put that up. Books. Where are all my book bins? Wait. Which baskets should I get for my library. Oh, look at that bulletin board paper. It’s crooked. I’ll fix it. Good, much better. Wait. I should take those shelves home and paint them. I wonder what color would look good. Why is everything PURPLE!? 

So, my room looks like someone with multiple personality disorder arranged it. I have some bulletin boards completely done, some of my banners are hung and some posters circa 1986 still exist in there. I especially love the one that says “Self Control” on it. The picture doesn’t really make sense on that one.

Not going to post pics just yet. I’m waiting until all of the personalities match in my room. I did paint the shelves last night, though with the help of a lovely bestie and a {not complaining at all} husband. I got some book baskets, too. Library should be done by the end of the day today. Fingers crossed. God willing.

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