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So I’m not quite ready to post my before and after pictures of my classroom because I’m still about 5 more days of work away from being completely finished. But I cannot stand it anymore and I want to share at least a few pics of my room with my adorable {if I do say so myself} circus classroom decor.

I am SO thrilled with how well these things turned out. I LOVE my alphabet posters. They are colorful, cheerful, and they make me happy. My nameplates turned out super adorbs as well, but I know they will be destroyed in 3.5 seconds as soon as the kiddos get back. Oh well. They’re cute now. I made the READ sign out of burlap. Just cut and painted is all. It’s ok, but I wish I would’ve stenciled. I probably will go back and re-do it at some point.

These pictures are all MEH and I WILL be posting tons more and way better ones. I promise. I just want to get it completely done before I do before/after pics.

I had everything printed at the UPS store. I went to Staples at first, but UPS was about 15¢ cheaper AND if you tell them you’re a teacher, they will hook you up even more.

My Cara Carroll inspired calendar wall turned out really cute, too. Since this is my first year teaching first grade, I am not sure what I will use and what I won’t, so I just simplified it and next year, I’m sure I’ll have a whole sheet of notes changing the whole dang thing. You live. You learn. I’m ok with that.

I am also working on my birthday packages today. I want to have them all done and ready before school starts so that when they crazy hits, I’m prepared. I took ideas from Cara and I also took some ideas from Mrs. H at Once Upon a First Grade.  I just bought some crazy straws and I’m making little balloons to tape on them. They don’t yet, but they will eventually say “Happy Birthday” on them once I print them out and glue it on there. I am also going to buy one of those humung-o birthday buttons for the kids to wear on their big day. I will have a birthday pencil, a birthday bookmark, the little straw, and *probably* some candy. {Bad teacher.} Probably Skittles because they will match. Ha!

Finally, I am also already putting together my meet the teacher stuff. I put together a packet of information about me and made some other forms for parents and students to fill out – ALL inspired by, yes. Cara Carroll. {Insert stalker comment here.} I can’t help it. She’s adorbs. I’m sure I will come up with my own ideas for a lot of stuff, but for now, she is helping A TON. I know that’s why she blogs, so I shouldn’t feel guilty, but strangely, I do. Anyway, here are a few of my forms.

This is the “Ready Confetti” package that I am putting together for Meet the Teacher night. Totally not my idea at all – but I have searched high and low for the original author of this poem and cannot find it. If you want to read the poem – you can just do a Google search for it and it’ll come up a million times. It’s adorable. I loves it.

OK, that’s my Sneak Peek. Be on the lookout for more fun pics!!

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