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It’s here! It’s here! It’s FINALLY here! I cannot tell you how super excited I am about the first day of first grade with my first grade pals. I have tomorrow all planned and ready to go. Take a peeksie at my plans:


My first day plans are very different from the rest of the year plans because we get out at 11am. So I only have my babies for 3 hours tomorrow. It’s a good and bad thing. I’d really rather be able to dive right in and get going on some of these routines, but it’s also always good to sneak out a little early.

Meet the Teacher night was last night. I had the pleasure of meeting all {but one} of my students and their families and I gave them their Ready Confetti. I think they loved it. I only got 3 hugs though. Sad face. I’m sure I’ll get more tomorrow. 🙂

I am so excited to *FINALLY* show off my cute little room. Here are a few pictures of the room as it was set up last night for Meet the Teacher:





I had the students’ name tags on their desks already and instructed the parents to find their child’s desk, place their supplies in the appropriate places and read over the checklist. They filled out a few quick pages of paperwork, helped their child with their “Student Survey”, had a brief meet & greet with yours truly, and were on their way. Click here to read more about what I included in my packet for parents.

Next up, my room in all its glory:

This is my centers chart. Students will rotate as indicated and I will have a helper move around the centers during center time. I think it will work out perfectly!! I am using the same chart for both my math and my literacy centers. No need to complicate things!



These are a few of my library, reading area, and word wall. Apparently, I’m still learning how to use my camera because these pictures are horrendous. Excuse them.




Just some randomies of my room. My alphabet posters look AMAZING. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. I can’t tell you how bring and cheery they are when they’re printed!!


 Just a few of my calendar and carpet/whole group area. I’m diggin’ my grandma’s rocking chair in my classroom. I was going to paint it and thought better of it. I think it looks nice in its natural skin. 🙂


Today, I got my students’ desks all ready to go. First thing in the morning, they will see this on their desks and will begin the school year by remembering something super fun they did this summer. I found this little ditty at Crazy for First Grade. Love it! I also included a special 1st Graders pencil, a little pencil box, a sticker and a colored pencil {in each students’ favorite color…which I found out by looking over their surveys from Meet the Teacher night. SNEAKY!!}.
 I have ALWAYS loved going into the library and seeing the featured books. I don’t know what it is about featured books that makes me happy, but I just love it. So, I have my own little featured book area. These are the books we will definitely be reading the first 2 weeks of school. I’m especially excited about That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown….for obvious reasons..but also because I HAVE AN EMILY BROWN IN MY CLASS THIS YEAR!!!! WHAT?!?!?! I LOVE IT!!!!!! I met this little angel last night and we were BOTH ecstatic about the fact that we have the same exact name. I think I might have been more excited, though. For. Real.



Just a few other random pics of random things in my room. I adopted the Gold Tag idea from Kristin at A Teeny Tiny Teacher. LOVE her and LOVE this stinkin’ idea. Happy to have found it.
That’s all I’ve got for ya! I hope you enjoyed my little room tour. I CANNOT wait until tomorrow.
If you like my room and you like my decor – you can get all of it here!!
Sweet Dreams, teachers!!


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