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And I officially have NO idea what I’m doing!! We’re off to a great start, though! Lots of ideas and inspiration from some great teacher bloggers out there to help me get my school year going.
Here are just a few things we did during the first week of school:

There’s a bunch of stuff here from the sweet Abby Mullins from The Inspired Apple, random Pinterest posts, and of course, my BFF {she doesn’t know she’s my BFF, but I pretend a lot}- Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade. Lots of good stuff from some great teacher bloggers. I heart them for their willingness to share what they’re doing so that people like me who don’t know what they’re doing can steal/borrow their ideas. The kids love me because they think I’m so fun and creative. Nope! Not me, kids! 🙂 Ha!

These first 3 weeks of school have been spent doing LOTS of repetition. LOTS. And more lots. We recite our “Five Golden Rules”…thanks to Whole Brain Teaching — 1. Follow directions quickly.  2. Raise your hand for permission to speak. 3. Raise your hand to get out of your seat. 4. Make smart choices. 5. Keep your dear teacher happy. 

I do the gestures and everything and they repeat them as I go through each one. Learn more about these rules here. They are doing really well with it, but as you know if you are a first grade teacher, it takes MANY times of saying it over and over again before it starts to stick.

I also adopted the scoreboard for whole class and the lovely, wonderful gold tag idea from Kristin at A Teeny Tiny Teacher. It’s working out SO well. Man, what firsties will do for one of those little stinkin’ things. I love it.

After a week, I have learned much about what my first graders need. We’re working on letter and number formation to correct some of the reversals that I’ve noticed and we’re going to dive right in with th- blends. Then on to vowels and conventions of print. We also need a little help with our months of the year, days of the week, and making the number/month connection for the digital date. I’m going to create a calendar center to add to my math rotation. I cannot wait to start making my own stuff for first grade. I LOVE to create products for my TpT shop but I stand firm by the belief that it has to be something that I will use and it has to be successful in my classroom before I can put it up. My FAVORITE all time pack is my Properties of Matter packet for fifth grade {and it’s also my best seller.} I am going to miss teaching that SO MUCH. Super sad face. I will probably end up converting the whole thing to first grade level so that I can use it. LOVE it.

The biggest challenge for me thus far is not knowing what I’ll be teaching in a month. I thrive on plans. I live for making plans. I adore plans. This whole fly-by-the-seat-of-my-first-graders-pants thing isn’t working for me. So I’m trying to get a semi-plan together so that I know what to teach next and I know what order makes the most sense. {Do I teach vowels, then blends? Do I do short a then long a or long a then short a? When do I do bossy e?} These are the questions with which I pester myself daily. Ugh. I’m doing insane. I really feel like I’m taking CRAZY pills!!!!

Anyway, just wanted to post some of the cute things that I stole from other bloggers to use in my classroom. I don’t think I had ONE original idea in my first 8 days of teaching first grade. What in the WORLD did teachers do without TpT or blogs?!?! I’d die.

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