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Bleh. Finding activities that are not completely disastrous in the following ways is a feat I must conquer by the end of my teaching career:

1. They are messy. Stamps are out of the question. The children WEAR THE INK more that the paper does. Lesson learned.
2. They become a distraction. For example, I saw one of my students creating HAIR for her PENCIL with the Play-Doh for the Play-Doh words station. Wait. What?
3. They mean nothing. Students writing their spelling and sight words in a glitter marker has the same effect as writing the word multiple times, as we did when were were in school. The only difference is that I used a pen, not a glittery marker. I still didn’t know how to spell my words the next week.

I digress. These activities are FINE if they are a supplement or an “extra”. Meaning, there are at least 4-5 choices that are actual independent word study. These are difficult to think up! I LOVE Reagan’s Phonics Work. Her activities focus on the spelling patterns and we use her activities every week. I am still in search of MORE. MORE ideas, more SIMPLE ideas! I’m on the prowl. In the meantime, I created some cute pages for students to record their words with glitter markers. And also smelly markers. And several others while I sort out this whole word work dilemma. {I can’t have students going around making hair for their pencils with Play-Doh all year…} Click the pic to get your copy. 🙂

Also — I put together a few pics of the new Number Pattern activities that we’ve been working on these past few days. I posted this on my shop and wanted to offer some visuals. We are skip counting this week and trying to get a feel for how skip counting is helpful in finding totals. Love these little guys that I made! Students put these little centipedes together and then skip count to get the total number of legs. Cutie!

These Pattern Strips were actually one of my students ideas!! This kid is a genius. I told them last week that we were going to start practicing more with number patterns and he says, “Miss Brown, you should use those little sound boxes that help us stretch out words [Elkonin boxes] — but put number patterns in them instead for us to guess your patterns!” Thus, Pattern Strips. 🙂

This pack has been a great success! Click here to check it out.

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