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I have been using this cute little sight word sticker book for my strugglers for the last 2 months and it has worked wonders. For those of you that don’t know, I am a first time 1st grade teacher. I taught 5th grade science for 2 years prior to the switch {different WORLD completely}.

I had this nice vision that all of my students would come in from K knowing how to read. Bah! Wishful thinking for all first grade teachers. And very unrealistic. Which is fine because they are still at the emergent level – I just didn’t know any better. I quickly learned that there are some children that naturally love to read and some that just loathe the thought of it {because it’s so difficult for them} – and they lack all kinds of motivation.

The good thing about little bitties is that they still love STUFF. Like stickers. STICKERS. I can’t get over how much these little stinkers love stickers. Like they will do ANYTHING for a sticker. Including studying and learning their sight words. Thus, sight word sticker book! Of course, this is not a unique idea by any means – only I didn’t know that until I did a little research. There are so many things that I don’t know about – I only wish the good Lord would open my brain and pour all of those unknowns in so that my life, my students’ lives, and my everyday could be so much easier. HA!

I do my sticker books like this: Students have 4 weeks worth of sight words in one packet. On each page, there are 6 words, each with 3 check boxes. I practice sight words with the students everyday, but on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – we say our sight words for checkmarks. Monday is kinda free because it’s the learning day – we just learn the words that day and it’s pretty easy for them to say them once they have been said to them right before. If on Friday, they have all three checks, they get a sticker for the page. At the end of the 4 weeks, we go back and say all of the sight words and then they can take their book home. They LOVE this and it is working miracles. I am happy, happy, happy!!

I made my sticker book using the Dolch Primer and 1st Grade lists. I created a fancy PDF that you can edit and add your own words, too! Click here to get your copy. If you want the fonts to match, I used KG Payphone. Click here to get it. And check out her adorbs fonts while you’re at it!

In other news, my kiddos are LOVING my new nonfiction writing stuff. Who knew that kids liked looking up words in the dictionary and writing their definition! It’s a fun process to teach and they are doing so well with it!!

I just really think these new nonfiction additions to my writing center are making a huge impact. The new activities get them excited all over again about writing. And what kid doesn’t love animals?! 
Here are a few other pics of how I have this fun stuff set up. I am so excited to make more of these for more topics. I say, the more writing stuff to choose from, the better. 🙂  {Not all at once, of course!!}
These are from my February Writing Center Additions. They’re just cute little guys that have thematic vocabulary words, lots of writing prompts, and tons of list prompts. We love them. {See what I did there?} Ugh. Sorry about the picture quality. It was raining this day and the lighting was BLAH.

If you want to check this packet of stuff out click here. I know February is almost over, but there’s plenty of time to show some love. 🙂 They’re just a little ole $2.50. I’ll have some for March within the next few days. 

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