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I am so excited to announce that I have accepted a Kindergarten position at a new school! I could not be more thrilled about this new venture. St. Michael is where I want my daughter to eventually go (time, please slow down — not ready yet), it’s closer to home, and it’s a much bigger school than my previous one. I had some really great experiences at my old school that converted me from an upper-grade teacher to a primary one.

I am starting to gather lots of goodies for my Kindergarten literacy and math centers on my Pinterest pages and I have also created some of my own. I love this little name activity that we are going to use the first week to get us acclimated to centers.

This little activity will be used as an intro to our new friends, tracing, and how centers will work. I am doing a LOT of name-based centers the first month of school: Write the Room, a name-based sensory tub with primary colored pasta where students will use some flash cards and will dig through the pasta for the letters to spell their new friends’ names, a pocket chart with the sentence started “I see ___________’, and a fine motor center where students will use beads and pipe cleaners (I think they’re called something else now….) to spell their new friends’ names.
I am also getting to work on some new decor updates for my room. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Maria’s room from Kinder Craze. Holy colorful classroom, batman! The black backgrounds on a lot of her stuff with the pops of bright colors make her room so bright and cheery. I do also love my Carnival Classroom decor and I want to keep it. I love the carnival theme; it’s very versatile. So, I am just going to get a few black backdrops and add in a few of my own color-on-black posters, signs, and calendar elements using my own carnival colors. I am loving everything so far!!

 I have a bajillion things going on at once right now, but I will have some fun stuff to share about sensory bins. After reading a ton of information on these fun little things, I’m a fan. I will have a sensory tub that I will change out each month. I have all of the months planned, I just have to create the stuff for it. I won’t be selling anything, just more of an idea overload to share. 🙂

I am eager to share my new classroom pics soon!

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