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I got into my room this week and put my stamp all over that place. I am really loving my room so far. One of the big things that I struggled with last year is not knowing what I needed and when I would need it. I changed my room 239849758745 times because I just had NO CLUE what I was doing. Really. NO. REALLY. By January, I had it down. I had my morning calendar stuff up {wasn’t cute, but I still had it}, my writing center was blooming and full of fun, seasonal cutesy decor, and my math/literacy centers all had places and storage containers.

Then I realized, ok – the stuff is there, but the content isn’t great and I still don’t have structure. I need structure. I was adding/planning centers on the fly. {Most} of my math centers were not predictable. My literacy centers didn’t have meaning. {How does writing words in smelly markers help students learn spelling patterns?!} This year, I know what my math centers, and most of my literacy centers will be. Students will form autonomy *hopefully* by October. I also need the kids to know where to go and sit when they are playing their center games. There needs to be a place for each station, instead of roaming around the room for the whole 15 minutes of the rotation. {Thank you, Deedee for posting about how you run your centers. Sheesh!} I am going to drive that woman crazy with all of my questions and my borderline stalkish posts on her FB page.

Alas, I digress. Bottom line is that I have a plan, I’m moving forward with it and I’m not second guessing myself. Another huge problem that I had was that I looked too hard at what other teachers are doing. Don’t mistake me, it is SO helpful to have blog stars to look up to and to steal their ideas, ask for advice, and buy all of their goodies on TpT. But, I have to remember this: I. Cannot. Do. Everything.   I will need to repeat that to myself probably everyday. I have to do what I can, do what I love, and do what works for my kids.

Back to my room. Here are some before and after pics:

Ugh. Sorry about the quality. I’ll take my big girl camera once it’s all done.

Ok and now for my favorite! I stocked up on some MAJOR goodies from TpT. I used every drop of my teacher allowed budget on products from my favorite website. I am SO excited. Here’s what was in my cart today:

Deedee Wills’ Math Work Stations for the YEAR {Hallelujah!}

Deanna Jump/Deedee Wills Guiding Kinders Math Units for the YEAR 

Marsha McGuire’s Work Stations Galore for Literacy
Side note: I have the math version of this and it is FANTASTIC! I cannot wait to start playing around with the literacy one!!

Deanna Jump/Deedee Wills Writing Workshop for the YEAR
I bought the first unit to show off at my interview and just to see if I would love it.  If you are thinking about buying their writing stuff – JUST DO IT. It’s fabulous and there is no reason to buy a test unit because their stuff is so incredibly helpful, time-saving, and just generally life-saving. Love.

Deedee Wills’ Math Journal Prompts for the YEAR

Now I have LOTS of credits for TpT, so I’m off to find a freebie or two. 😉
Soooo excited about using all of these items this year!! Full reviews/how I implement these to come! 

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