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The beginning of Kindergarten is a scary time for everyone. Teachers and kids and parents alike are panicking right about now. And the panic gets stronger and faster and scarier as each day passes by, just creeping towards that looming day. THE day. “Will they like me?” “What should I wear?” “OMG, I HAVE to get that outfit.” “Wait. I have to do WHAT?!” “There’s only HOW MANY DAYS left until Christmas break!?” “OK, I’m never going again.” I know you know these are familiar phrases and questions. From TEACHERS. {HA!}

But, aww, it’s ok everyone! There is only 313 days left until summer break starts again! Let’s make sure that we start the year with intention. Purpose. And with very specific and repetitive instructions for our sweet kinder babies. Here’s an interesting fact. Two years ago, the sweet kinder baby that is entering your class in t-minus 33 days was JUST learning how to use the bathroom by themselves. And they probably haven’t even mastered it yet. {Good luck!} I try to keep that fun fact in mind when I am trying to teach them how to sit in their chair the right way or how to tame their blurting impulses.

My plan is to actually have a plan. A BIG, MAMMOTH plan. Not just, oh yeah, I gotta teach them how to line up. Not a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda plan. I am going to outline every. single. thing. I have to teach these sweeties, even things I think they may already be able to do. {Listen when someone…. namely me, is talking? No?} Easier said than done. It’s so easy to plan fun activities, for example, the Kissing Hand activity that I did last year. But when they don’t know how to use glue, um. That’s a problem. They will eat it, wear it, and wipe it all over your beautiful, newly designed classroom if you don’t have a plan. I learned this the hard and very frustrating way last year {my first year teaching primary.} I would assume that the kiddos KNEW to stay in their spots, stay on task, or how to ask to go to the bathroom. I also didn’t really go over what to do if you needed me and I was working with a small group. It was really frustrating for me. Mostly because I just did not have a plan in the beginning. It was more of a tell ’em as they did it wrong kinda thing. Pathetic! Lesson learned.

There are LOTS of different must-do procedures floating around on Pinterest or bloggy land, but I wanted one tailored specifically for me and my classroom.  I know that means YOU won’t be able to use this very specific one, but hopefully it will provide someone with at least a good idea or two for making sure to touch on EVERY. SINGLE. PROCEDURE. possible in the land that is Kindergarten.  A LOT {ok, most} of these ideas are absolutely, 100% NOT MINE. When possible, I have provided a clickable link back to the original owner that will describe in more detail the procedure to which I am referring.

Click the pic to download!

One other thing that I’m working on is my first week plans. They have changed already so many times. But one thing that I have changed is the first day “morning work”. I love the idea of morning work, but I cannot very well explain morning work to each kid as they trickle in on the first day. There is a specific procedure for morning work! I mean, some kids won’t know how to write their name or use their crayons or ANYTHING. I have to cover that on the first day, so there can’t be any morning work for them to do that day. Otherwise, panic mode for everyone. So, I have seen lots of teachers post the Play-Doh idea! It doesn’t require an explanation, no other supplies, and they can make whatever they want. Everyone is happy and everyone is seated at their desk playing with their Play-Doh. Of course, their will be whining about “I want BLUE!” or “He has more than I do” or “But, I don’t wanna put it away!” Sheesh. We can’t win. 😉  It’ll be a great segue for “You Get What You Get and You Don’t Throw a Fit!” and “I’m the boss and you will do what I tell you.” {That last one is my own invention.}

Anyway, hope you’re enjoying the last days of summer! Soak ’em up!

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