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I’m linking up today with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics and y’all, I am so excited about this little ditty.

In the summer, I tend to get a little bored. And when I say a little bored, I mean I need at least a minimum of 15 BIG projects going on at once. It’s just how I roll. So, imagine my husband’s surprise when he came home Thursday from his weekly business trip to me digging up our entire flower bed.


Of course, I immediately recruited him to help with the big stuff. And when I say the big stuff, I mean all of it. Not sure that’s what he had in mind when he came home from a 3 day business trip, but he’s a trooper.
So, we got it all dug up and then just kinda looked at each other, like “Now what!?” But I had a vision. {Thanks to my beautiful sister, whom so graciously pointed out how hideous our backyard was.}
So, we started shopping! We built our own firepit, dug our own border and bought 39 bags of pea pebbles.
And then we bought some Adirondack chairs and spent ALLLLLL day yesterday putting them together and staining them. I gotta say, TOTALLY worth it. The chairs were on sale for $37 each, which was a pretty great deal!! Add some pillows and my beautiful flower pots, and we’ve got ourselves a patio!! We entertain a LOT all year long, so it’s a perfect fit. Before, it served no propose and it was pretty hideous (you were right, LB). But now it’s beautiful AND functional. We win!!
 Looks all nice and relaxing now.
I especially love the fire pit. We cannot wait to put it to use!
 The perfect chill spot for friends, family, and animals.  🙂
I’m super excited about how it turned out. Last night, we had people over to celebrate, but of course it poured down rain, so we will try again another day. In the meantime, I’ll be chillin’ out on the patio, typin’ up blog posts, and drinkin’ my coffee!!
Link up with Tara today and show whatcha got!



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