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I gotta tell you, there are some FUN-NAY stories that I have heard and even experienced over the years in my teaching career. Sometimes, the funnies that occur are unfortunate because the littles don’t GET IT and there is no one that’s adult, yet immature enough to understand how funny the situation at hand truly is. For example, I am CERTAIN that you have seen adorable, innocent drawings that resemble ONLY one thing. {You KNOW. I know you know. And you know I know you know.} It’s SO difficult to keep a straight face while little Angelica brings up her drawing of a –WHOA!! — oh, I mean a nice, lovely penguin? Yes, of course I see the penguin!  How wonderful! I won’t post said drawings straight outta the gate. I wanna keep some folks around for a while!

So, I will share something else. Something hysterical. Something that can only happen to ME whilst student teaching. ‘Twas a long, long time ago when a young Mrs. Brown had only begun the change in careers. I had never stepped foot in an elementary school other than to attend one. As a student. Some 20 years prior.

Anywho, so here I am in a kindergarten classroom being introduced to the kids and getting acclimated. A few days {or weeks, whatever, I can’t remember} go by, and I am finally getting the hang of the schedule and where the kids go and when, and also the bathroom routine. So, we’re doing the normal bathroom routine, and kids are going in and coming out at a typical “going to the bathroom” rate. And then the last stragglers start coming out. And finally one last straggler says to me, “Um, Mrs. Brown? LeRoy took off all of his clothes.” P.A.N.I.C. I have been here five minutes and NOW THIS DISASTER?? I panic. FULL PANIC MODE. Like, Defcon 5 Panic. “Ok, Gordon, thank you so much. Now, you run on into class and pretend this conversation never happened, mmmm-k?”

So naturally, I pace the floor in front of the bathroom thinking this kid has barfed or pooped or peed or LAWD knows what all over his clothes and I gotta A) get prepared to handle someone elses’s bodily functions {mind you, I did not have children at this point in my life and I was a NEGATIVE YEAR TEACHING VET. AKA. never done it in my LIFE.} and B) Come up with a plan so that I can actually come back to this school. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t contemplate just forgetting the whole teaching thing, running out the door, and being done with it– poop, barf, and pee — all of it! Just done!!

Ok, so I didn’t run. Instead, I poked my head in the bathroom. There it was. The pile of clothes under the stall. Dear God. Help me.



“Are you….OKAY?” 

“Yeah, I’m fine!”

“Are you…..naked?”
“Uhh, yeah.” {Sounded more like, “Ummm, duh!!”} 

“Why are you naked?”

“Because I’m pooping!”

And THAT, my friends, is how life as a teacher began for this girl. NEVER a dull moment!

Link up! Post about your funny classroom stories and link back! I would love love love to read what’s happening in your rooms that’s too funny not to share!! I’d really like to do this every week if friends out there want to share! I’ll try……. 🙂

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