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I used to stress about ways to introduce sight words. I mean, we do so many different activities with our sight words — I incorporate them into our Literacy Centers, during our poetry time, Morning Meeting, we play whole-group sight word games….so many different things. But getting them introduced was always a big question mark for me.

Now, each week, I do the same thing with my kiddos so that they can have independent practice with them right from the start. On Mondays, I pass out these little buckets filled with fun writing tools {pens, smelly markers, glitter markers, twistable crayons, twistable colored pencils, ANYTHING to make it FUN}. I also include these little half sheets for them to write their new words on. I write the sight words on the board before they come in, so they’re ready to go. After they complete their morning work, they can choose a writing tool to use to write down their new words on their recording sheets. {I have two versions because for the first half of the year, we only practice with 2 sight words per week and the rest of the year, we have 5 words per week.}

Once everyone is finished, I ask my kiddos if they think they know the word and we talk about them briefly. Then we chant the words and move on with our day. So now, the sight words have been introduced to everyone and we can play our sight word games and practice with our sight words without having to go over them again. It’s perfect! I also challenge my students each week to search for and find our sight words throughout the week in our daily activities. If a student finds a sight word and points it out appropriately {raising their hand, etc.}, they get a Class Dojo point {LOVE Class Dojo!!!}. It just creates more awareness of the new words and throws in a little added competitive fun.

Feel free to download this free copy of the recording sheet!

I know just writing sight words isn’t enough and we definitely do our fair share of sight word work throughout the week. But I just love this simple way of introducing my kiddos to the new words. It’s easy and they love it!

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