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Just trying to stay alive over here! Not sure about you, but I am floored by how fast this year has flown by…only 21 more school days to go! Unreal. 

By now, my classroom runs itself when it comes to procedures and center time, but we are starting to get a case of the wiggly jigglies. It’s so hard to stay focused on school when you can smell the sunscreen, taste the ice cream, and feel the sweat when you walk outside. But I am determined to squeeze at least 20 more instructional days into this year!

One thing I am still pushing is writing. We have covered ALL, and I mean EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. of our ELA standards this year. #BOOM I am pretty proud of that. But for some reason, I STILL have kiddos that do not use capital letters at the beginning of sentences or punctuation! And I can promise you I have used every trick in the book to get it to stick, so I have come to the conclusion that they just need more practice with it. So we practice! And I have to be creative in getting them to stay focused with all of this summer talk in the air. Our writing prompts are sometimes silly, but it keeps them going and keeps them writing their best, all the way up to the end.


Today’s prompt was “I wish raindrops were made of ________”. They come up with the funniest things to write. This little sweetie wrote “bubbles”. I had one kid say, “You, Mrs. Brown!” Ha! We share the pen a couple of times before I let my kiddos start working on their own. I love these writing prompts for the SmartBoard because the prompt is low enough that the kids can reach it. We always talk about the correct way to write upper and lowercase letters and this is a perfect time to remind them about capitals and punctuation. We also stretch out words together and talk about how we can add more detail to make the sentence more interesting.

{We haven’t learned the “ea” spelling pattern, so please excuse us! This friend doesn’t really eat stakes, I don’t think. Ha!}

We use the primary notebooks that have the space for drawing a picture and it works perfectly. They get excited about doing these quick writing prompts because they are engaging, and they never know how silly they are going to get to be! This activity takes about 15-20 minutes to complete, and does not replace our Writer’s Workshop, during which I teach specific writing techniques, model how to come up with ideas and let them choose their topic. But it is a great review for mechanics.



This prompt came from my April Writing Prompts pack. Click the image to check it out!


There are actually two versions included, in case you don’t have a SmartBoard. I have the SmartBoard versions {which is just a PDF that you can pull up on your SmartBoard and write on like any other file}, AND I have a printable journal included!

Click below to see the ENTIRE YEARLONG bundle!


If you like the idea of these prompts, but aren’t sure whether or not it will work for you or meet the needs of your classroom, make sure to download my FREE edition for Back to School...because, you know, Back to School is literally right around the corner! {Please don’t hate me!}

Thanks for reading and enjoy the freebie!

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