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If you haven’t heard of Boom Cards, you are in for a treat, my friends. I LOVE Boom Cards. LOVE. Boom Cards is a user-friendly interface that allows you {yes, YOU} to create your own digital task cards that can be played on ANY device. For reals. When I first discovered Boom Cards, I was thrilled that I could purchase “decks” of engaging digital task cards on basically any topic under the moon. But I was even more thrilled when I really started getting into it and got to know what else had in store for its users! Here are the top five reasons why I love Boom Cards so much! { did not ask me to review their website or compensate me in any way — I just really love it and want to get the word out there about Boom Cards!}

1.There are literally thousands of topics covered in a variety of interactive formats and the “decks” are affordable. There are drag and drop games, spelling games, matching games, and multiple choice games. Lots of fun stuff to play with! You can play any of these games on ANY digital platform. Phones, computer, tablets, even Smart Boards.

2.You can buy the decks on TpT! YEAH! You can also go through their store right on their website, but if you have TpT credits {or want to earn TpT credits}, you can search for tons of Boom Cards there.

3.DIFFERENTIATION. You can assign different activities to each student, so they truly are working on things that they need help with. No one is bored and no one is confused. Everyone can work on just what they need! The cards are also self-checking, too, so they know when they get it right, and when to go back and re-try.

You can also check your students’ progress by running a report for each game that they play. You can see how long it too for them to answer and you can see which answers they chose.

4. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy literacy or math centers. Once you show students how to log in, they can choose their own games. And they won’t be playing irrelevant games, because…see reason #3. AND you print nothing, cut nothing, clean nothing. Winning all around! Another great thing about Boom Cards is that they mix up the order in which the questions are shown. So if your computers are close together and you have multiple students playing the same games, they can’t “copy” off of each other because they will be getting different questions at different times. #sneaky

5. YOU can create your own games! The interface is so user-friendly, I think my 5 year old daughter could create her own games. No, really. I think she totally could. They even have their own YouTube channel dedicated to helping you navigate through creating your first set of Boom Cards. It’s super easy and quick once you learn the ropes {which takes about 20 minutes}. You can create a template card so that it is so easy to plug in your different questions on the other cards. Make as many as you need!

There are all sorts of features that allow you to do different things, such as add sound {you can record your own voice reading words or directions}, add images, add buttons, create multiple choice questions, or even fill in the blank questions. The possibilities are truly endless with the features that they have made available — and they add more all the time!

I created some CVC word cards and a set of CVCe word cards so far. Lots more to come, but there are my first attempts! My kids have LOVED playing them — even my genius, Olivia, has been enjoying being my little helper as I test out these games before putting them out there for my students.

So, if you haven’t checked out Boom Cards yet, I highly recommend! And I recommend trying to create your own sets — even if you don’t think you could. You can! It’s so easy! Happy to help if you have questions. Leave me a comment!

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