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DIY Listening Center

Do you wish you had a listening center but can’t afford the expense that comes along with purchasing the books and CDs that you need to have one? Ugh. Why does everything have to COST MONEY? And guess who is usually footing the bill….yes. Us. The poor, starving...
Writing in Kindergarten

Writing in Kindergarten

Just trying to stay alive over here! Not sure about you, but I am floored by how fast this year has flown by…only 21 more school days to go! Unreal.  By now, my classroom runs itself when it comes to procedures and center time, but we are starting to get a case...
Minimizing  Math

Minimizing Math

Math time has always been a big time struggle for me. I love the math series that I am using – it is so thorough and well put together and comprehensive…lacks absolutely nothing. The structure is great, too —> a mini lesson and group activity, partner...

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