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Monday Made It – Summer Style!!

I’m linking up today with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics and y’all, I am so excited about this little ditty. In the summer, I tend to get a little bored. And when I say a little bored, I mean I need at least a minimum of 15 BIG projects going on at once....

Sunday Funnies

I gotta tell you, there are some FUN-NAY stories that I have heard and even experienced over the years in my teaching career. Sometimes, the funnies that occur are unfortunate because the littles don’t GET IT and there is no one that’s adult, yet immature...

Planning for Guided Reading

In my humble opinion, planning for guided reading can NEVER start too early. I have been making my guided reading plans all year. I didn’t really know where to start last year, and so I took copious amounts of notes {in about 7 different notebooks, on sticky...

Beautiful, Organized Pinterest Boards

Ahhhh, summer. The season of wasting hours of time for the silliest of reasons. Which brings me to today’s post. I spent about 2 hours today organizing my Pinterest page. To most, this is seemingly the biggest waste of time anyone could think of doing whilst...




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